How to Rent a House in Brisbane as a Foreigner

June 28, 2023
How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Key takeaways:

    • Understand the Brisbane rental market and average rent prices

    • Find a suitable property by exploring online resources, real estate agencies, & networking

    • Secure your rental with an accurate application, good impression during inspection & understanding tenant rights/responsibilities

Are you planning on learning how to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner? It can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the local rental market and the processes involved. But fear not! This comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of finding, securing, and adapting to life in a rental property in Brisbane. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Brisbane Rental Market

The Brisbane rental market is a part of the competitive Australian rental market, offering various housing options such as apartments, units, houses, and semi-detached duplexes. As a foreigner, you may face some challenges like the absence of rental history and being a casual employee, which can make renting a bit trickier. But don’t worry! This guide will help you understand the rental market in Brisbane and provide you with valuable tips for a successful rental application.

Navigating the local rental market can be a breeze once you grasp the average rent prices, popular neighborhoods, and the demand for rental properties. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the perfect home that matches your preferences and budget.

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Average Rent Prices

In Brisbane, rent prices vary depending on the location and type of property. Weekly rent is a common way of expressing rent prices in Australia. If you’re wondering how much rent to expect, the average rent for an apartment in Brisbane as of February 2023 was AUD 540 (USD 365) per week. On the other hand, the average rent for a house was AUD 575 (USD 388) per week.

Keep these figures in mind as you search for your new home.

Popular Neighborhoods

Choosing the right neighborhood is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Brisbane. Some of the most renowned neighborhoods include South Bank, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, South Brisbane, Wooloongabba, Kelvin Grove, Herston, Brisbane City, Kangaroo Point, Spring Hill, Paddington, and Milton.

When searching for a rental property, it’s essential to consider factors like lifestyle, accessibility to public transport, and employment opportunities. Consulting with locals, using social media, or referring to blogs and websites can help you make an informed decision when selecting a neighborhood in Brisbane.

Demand for Rental Properties

The demand for rental properties in Brisbane is high due to a lack of supply and the increasing number of people wanting to live in the city. The median rent for houses is currently $674 per week, while unit prices sit slightly lower at $526 per week – showing a 13% increase for houses and a 24% increase for units since April 2022.

As a foreigner, it’s important to be prepared and proactive in your search for a rental property to secure a suitable home in this competitive market. Researching the market, understanding the rental process, and having the necessary documents ready will help you find the perfect rental property in Brisbane.

Finding the Perfect Rental Property

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

There are several methods to find the perfect rental property in Brisbane, including using online resources, real estate agencies, and networking through social media platforms. By exploring these avenues, you’ll have a better chance of finding a rental property that meets your preferences, budget, and needs.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss each method in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Online Resources

Popular online resources like can help you find rental properties in Brisbane based on your preferences and budget. Our website offers extensive listings with filters such as location, property type, and price range, making it easier for you to find your dream home.

Real Estate Agencies

Working with real estate agencies can be beneficial as they provide personalized assistance and access to exclusive rental listings in Brisbane. Real estate agents can help you find available rental properties, negotiate lease terms, and provide guidance on the rental process. In addition to these services, a mortgage broker can offer valuable advice on financing options for potential property investments.

By utilizing their expertise, you can streamline your rental search and increase your chances of securing an ideal property.

Networking and Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook can be an effective way to connect with potential landlords and other renters in Brisbane. There are several public groups dedicated to rental properties in Brisbane, where people offer properties for rent, break lease, or room to rent.

By joining these groups and engaging with others, you can expand your rental search and increase your chances of finding a suitable property in the city.

Navigating the Rental Application Process

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Once you’ve found a potential rental property, you must be wondering what you need to rent an apartment in Brisbane. The immediate next step is to navigate the rental application process. This involves preparing the required documents and following the tips for a successful application, which we’ll discuss in the following sections.

By understanding the application process and preparing accordingly, you’ll increase your chances of securing the rental property you desire.

Required Documents

When applying for a rental property in Brisbane, you’ll need to provide proof of income, identification, and rental history or character references. Proof of income can be in the form of bank statements or pay slips, while identification can include documents such as a passport or driver’s license.

If you don’t have a rental history, providing character references from employers or personal acquaintances can be an alternative.

Tips for a Successful Application

To ensure a successful rental application in Brisbane, it’s essential to submit your application promptly, include accurate information, and provide relevant documentation. Making a good first impression during the property inspection and having a positive rental history will also increase your chances of being accepted by the landlord or property manager.

Additionally, being honest, including a cover letter, and offering advance rent payments if feasible can further enhance your application.

Inspecting and Securing Your Rental Property

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

After submitting your rental application, the next step is to inspect and secure your rental property. This involves booking an inspection, making a good impression on the landlord or property manager, and finalizing the lease agreement.

By following these steps and preparing for each phase, you’ll be well on your way to securing the perfect rental property in Brisbane.

Booking an Inspection

To book an inspection for a rental property in Brisbane, you can use the property listing or contact the real estate agent or landlord directly. It’s important to attend the inspection on time and be prepared to answer any questions the real estate agent or landlord may have.

Remember, first impressions count!

Making a Good Impression

During the inspection, it’s vital to make a good impression on the landlord or property manager. Dress appropriately, be punctual, and ask relevant questions about the property and the rental agreement.

By establishing trustworthiness and reliability, you’ll increase your chances of securing the rental property.

Finalizing the Lease Agreement

Once you’ve made a good impression and secured the rental property, the final step is to finalize the tenancy agreement. This involves reviewing the terms and conditions, signing the contract, and paying any required fees, such as the bond and paying rent in advance.

Ensure you understand all the terms and conditions in the contract before signing, and don’t hesitate to ask for more information or consult an attorney in Australia if needed.

Paying Rent and Bond

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Now that you’ve secured your rental property, it’s time to pay the rent and the bond. The rent varies with states and cities, with some states known for offering the cheapest rent in Brisbane. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the various payment methods and bond requirements to help you understand your financial obligations as a tenant in Brisbane.

Rent can be paid in a variety of ways, including cash, cheque, direct debit, or credit card. The bond is usually paid in cash or cheque, and must be lodged with the bank.

Rent Payment Methods

Rent payment methods in Brisbane may include direct deposit, electronic funds transfer, or using a third-party rent payment platform. Direct bank deposit/transfer is a convenient and secure method of payment wherein the tenant transfers the rent amount directly from their bank account to the landlord’s bank account. To keep track of these transactions, it’s essential to maintain an updated bank statement.

Be sure to choose a payment method that is convenient and easy for you to manage.

Bond Requirements

Bond requirements in Brisbane typically involve paying a security deposit equivalent to 4-6 weeks’ rent to protect the landlord from potential damages or unpaid rent. The bond money must be deposited with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) within a period of 10 days after receipt.

At the end of the tenancy, you can submit an application to receive your bond back, minus the cost of any damages.

Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

As a tenant in Brisbane, it’s essential to be aware of your rights and responsibilities. This includes understanding maintenance and repair obligations and dealing with any issues that may arise during the tenancy.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss these rights and responsibilities in more detail to ensure you’re well-informed and prepared for your new life in Brisbane.

Maintenance and Repairs

In Brisbane rental properties, Australian landlords are generally responsible for maintenance and repairs, while tenants are expected to keep the property clean and report any issues promptly.

If the landlord doesn’t act in a timely manner on necessary repairs, tenants can arrange for the repairs to be done and then send the landlord the invoice.

Dealing with Issues

If you encounter any issues during your tenancy in Brisbane, it’s vital to communicate with the landlord or property manager to address the problem. If the issue remains unresolved, you can seek advice from local tenant advocacy organizations like the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) or Tenants Queensland.

Remember, open communication and seeking professional advice can help resolve issues more efficiently and maintain a positive relationship with your landlord or property manager.

Adapting to Life in Brisbane

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Now that you’ve settled into your new rental property, it’s time to adapt to life in Brisbane. In the following sections, we’ll discuss how accessing local services and building a social network can help ease the transition and establish a fulfilling life in the city.

Local services are essential for making the most of your new home. From finding a doctor to registering your car, there are a number of services you’ll need to access in order to get settled. Knowing where to go.

Local Services

To help you settle into your new life in Brisbane, it’s essential to research and access local services such as utility providers, public transport, and healthcare facilities. You can find information about these services online or by seeking recommendations from friends and family.

By familiarizing yourself with these essential services, you’ll be better prepared to navigate daily life in Brisbane.

Building a Social Network

How to rent a house in Brisbane as a foreigner?

Building a social network is crucial for creating a sense of belonging and support in your new city. You can join local clubs, attend community events, and connect with other foreigners or locals through online forums and meetups.

By making connections and fostering friendships, you’ll not only have a support system in place, but also enrich your life in Brisbane.


In conclusion, renting a house in Brisbane as a foreigner can be a challenging but rewarding experience. By understanding the rental market, finding the perfect property, navigating the application process, and adapting to life in the city, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of your time in Brisbane. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you can confidently embark on your journey towards finding your dream rental property and building a fulfilling life in this vibrant city.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner rent a house in Australia?

Yes, foreigners can rent a house in Australia. However, it may involve more paperwork and preparation than for an Australian citizen. Landlords may ask for references from previous landlords abroad, which may present some challenges.

Is it hard to get a rental in Brisbane?

Given the current competitive rental market in Brisbane, it can be challenging to find a rental. Even though there are some signs that rents going down in Brisbane, To make sure you are successful, it’s important to ensure you provide all the necessary documents – such as ID, proof of income, and a letter from your employer if you’re just starting a new job.

Good luck!

Can you buy property in Australia if you are not a permanent resident?

Although it is possible to purchase property in Australia as a non-permanent resident, there are a number of requirements that must be met in order for the purchase to be approved. You will need to obtain permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board and ensure you meet all the necessary financial and legal requirements.

These requirements include providing proof of your financial capacity to purchase the property, as well as demonstrating that you have the necessary funds to cover the purchase price and associated costs. You will also need to provide evidence of your identity and residency status. Additionally, you may need to pay for a new laptop.

How can a student rent a house in Australia?

If you are renting in Australia as a student, it is important to research the rental market, determine your budget, and gather necessary documents like proof of identity, enrollment, income, and references. Attend property inspections and submit rental applications with required documents. If approved, sign a lease agreement and pay a bond (security deposit). Understand tenant rights and responsibilities by consulting local tenancy authorities or student services.

Is rent in Brisbane expensive?

As a foreigner, you might wonder why rent is so expensive in Brisbane. Rent is expensive in Brisbane for a many reasons. First, the city is a popular destination with a growing population. This means that there is a high demand for rental properties, which drives up the prices.

Second, the vacancy rate in Brisbane is very low, which means that there are not many rental properties available. This also drives up the prices. Third, Brisbane has a strong economy, which means that there are more people with the means to afford high rent. Finally, many people invest in property in Brisbane, which also drives up the prices.

What is the typical lease length for rental properties in Australia?

In Australia, the average length of a lease for rental properties is usually one year, although six-month leases are often seen as well.

Leases of shorter or longer duration may be available, depending on the landlord’s preferences and the tenant’s needs.

How much bond is usually required by landlords in Brisbane?

When renting a property in Brisbane, landlords usually ask for a bond of between 2-4 weeks’ rent. For most renters in Brisbane, the common practice is to pay a bond amount of 2-4 weeks’ rent upon signing their rental agreement.

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