How to Reduce Noise From Outside: Tips and Tricks

January 26, 2023
how to reduce noise from outside

Key takeaways:

  • You can make various modifications to your doors and windows like sealing them and using liners to reduce noise from outside.
  • Noise-reduction curtains can also block light and trap heat which is especially helpful if you work during the night and sleep during the day.
  • Rearranging furniture and soundproofing walls can serve as noise reduction measures and home decor statements.

There are a lot of measures to reduce noise inside your home. But what about how to reduce noise from outside?

You may be suffering from a lot of outside noise unless you reside in the countryside where your closest neighbours live more than two kilometres away. Regardless of what sort of noise you put up with, you can easily block street noise using several ways. So, how to reduce noise from outside? 

Well, you can block traffic noise or any other noise by using soundproof curtains, setting soundproof walls, or adding panels to your windows. Want to know more? Keep reading this guide to learn about these DIY home renovation ideas

How does sound travel?

The audible sound is an airborne vibration. Our sound perception tells us that when noise travels through the wall or other object, it causes vibration because of sound waves and thus the air gets this vibration from the vibrating wall.

Whether it works that way or not, the noise gets to its last stop “our ear” as airborne sound.

As sound moves along with the air, it is best to put a barrier in its path. Find out how to reduce noise from outside by reading the rest of the guide.

Easy ways to prevent unwanted noise from outside

1. Get soundproof curtains

Installing soundproof curtains can be a rather cheaper way than switching your windows. These curtains will not only help in blocking sound but also take in heat and make your room peaceful and serene. Your home decor can also be functional this way!

It’s easy to find a soundproof curtain that’s within your budget by doing some research. With this method, you can sleep peacefully at night while getting good value for money. The three-layered thick curtain will also help tone down the sound vibration from within your home.

2. Seal the gaps

To achieve complete noise reduction, you must fill out the gaps within the windows, doors, and siding. Even the smallest cracks will let the noise penetrate through and your sound-blocking measures will go in vain.

Use latex caulk or flexible polyurethane to cover the cracks or gaps in window frames, doors, and siding. Noise reduction programs used in houses near airports to minimise noise levels recommend installing a mailbox and enclosing the mail slot.

3. Soundproof walls

There are a few ways to soundproof your walls and acoustic panels are one of them. Acoustic panels can be used both in fabric and board form. You can stick them to the walls to fragment sound waves.

There are acoustic panels that are only intended to prevent sound from bouncing off hard surfaces. However, others are designed to block noise rackets from penetrating from the doors and windows.

Other than acoustic panels, you can hand rugs or drapes over your walls to reduce sound transmission. Furthermore, fix sound leaks in the lighting fixtures, switch boxes, and throughout doors.

4. Choose a solid core door with a door sweep

The best and most reliable way to block sound from outside is by installing a solid core door. This type of door is capable of taking in more sound than a thin hollow door.

Other than using a solid core door, use a door sweep at the base of the door to make it more effective. Door sweeps are quite easy to apply and stick to the door for a very long time.

5. Bring in noise-reducing furniture

What is a Sustainable Home

Along with the other tips, you can also bring in noise-reducing furniture to minimise noise pollution. You would only need a soft surface to let the sound settle down. This way you can unleash your creativity by choosing unique furniture pieces to set in your room.

Design your room with upholstered sofas and chairs by placing them thoughtfully near the noise source. Moreover, if you are an avid reader, you can get a bookcase and showcase your book collection while reducing the outside noise.

6. Attach window liners

Image credit: Your Home Style

Aside from being a tool for noise reduction, polyester-insulated cotton liners can also give you other benefits. Window liners generally come with curtains and we end up ignoring them. These liners are quite helpful in not only reducing the noise but also lowering the heat levels while blocking light rays.

Furthermore, these liners also take in the vibrations caused by loud music. Thus if you live next to a neighbour that parties a lot, these liners can save the day by absorbing the vibrations and releasing the soft hums.

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