How to Pick the Best Roof Windows for Your New House

September 28, 2022
roof windows

Moving into a new home is always an exciting experience, but before the big move can even happen, you first need to check every box on a long list of small yet important details. After all, someone has to choose the right colours to paint the walls, pick the appropriate furniture, and even decide which roof windows will work best. 

Some of these decisions will surely be less challenging than others. If you paint the walls the colour you end up not liking, all you have to do is grab another shade and repaint it. Furniture that doesn’t fit your space can be easily sold online, but what about the windows? How do you pick the ones that will both look and work well? 

Roof windows can be an excellent aesthetic addition to your new house, and they’ve been one of the hottest design trends in the past few years. However, they come in various styles, materials, and price ranges, which can make choosing the right ones for your project a tough challenge. 

Another good option is double glazed windows, which can be a valuable addition to your new house, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

The article below will give you a head start in selecting the right roof windows for your home.


This may sound obvious, but depending on your budget, you need to find the right balance between cost and quality. While cheap materials will typically lead to lower quality, the highest cost doesn’t automatically mean that you will get the best product. 

For this reason, make sure to check customer reviews prior to buying your new window. At the same time, don’t settle for cheap options just to save a few bucks. Remember that a good window will not only improve the appearance of your home but also increase its value in the long run.

Even if you already have an eye on windows from a particular brand, consider doing your own research. Look for outlets and sales, or simply compare what other manufacturers offer in your price range. While there’s no rule to this, it may turn out that virtually the same durable flat roof windows come at different prices depending on who sells them. 


The durability of your new roof window will largely depend on its material. Wood is extremely popular because of its ease of maintenance and durability, but it’s not quite as energy efficient as vinyl. On the other hand, fibreglass windows won’t rot, crack, or warp. They also tend to stay in good condition even under the most severe weather, so they may be a good choice if you live in an area that’s often visited by hurricanes or torrential rains.

Remember that if you live in a very cold region, you’ll need a more energy-efficient option than if you live in a warm or mild climate where you don’t need as much insulation from the outside conditions. In general, wood windows offer the best insulation, but they also require more upkeep than vinyl or fibreglass frames.

Energy Efficiency 

The energy efficiency of your new roof window will depend on its features and material. For example, low-E glass windows are typically considered more energy efficient than windows that cost a few bucks less but are made without that transparent coating reflecting heat.

However, once again, you must also take your local climate into account when making this decision. If you live in a hot area where lots of heat gets trapped inside your home during summer days, you should definitely consider installing windows with low-E glass instead of regular glass. Low-E glass can also help reduce heat loss in cold areas and help improve your house’s thermal performance.

Fixed vs Opening Roof Windows

While selecting the right roof windows for your new home, you will find two main options: a window that’s “in plane,” meaning that it’s aligned with the roof, or a window that is “out of plane” (not flush with the roof). 

Then, there will also be the question of whether you want an opening or a fixed window on your roof. There are windows designed to open completely, while others open just partially or don’t open at all (fixed roof windows). The choice should depend on whether you want to be able to air out your room.

Windows that open just partially may be the best option for homeowners who prioritise good ventilation but also want to rest assured that they chose windows that provide greater security. If you can’t determine what type of roof window will work best for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact professionals who will be glad to help you.


These days, roof windows often come with different accessories. For instance, many brands sell extra features such as ventilation bars that can be used to provide a continuous flow of fresh air into the room. 

When picking the windows, you can also check if the company you’re about to buy from offers blinds fitted for the roof windows. Combining the blinds with the windows right away will be much easier than getting the proper blinds fitted and installed later on. You can also consider installing Venetian blinds or roller shutters for extra privacy and security

In Conclusion

Roof windows can be a great addition to your new home. They’re not only beautiful but can also provide you with additional functionality and add value to your property. If you want to make sure that your new house is comfortable and easy to live in at all times, installing some of these windows could be the perfect solution. 

When shopping for the right windows, pay attention to factors such as cost, durability, and energy efficiency. You should also decide whether you want openable or fixed windows and think if you need any accessories such as blinds or ventilation bars.

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