How To Move Overseas From Australia

September 11, 2023
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Moving overseas from any country can be daunting, but what about Australia?

Below, we’ll delve into the best way to move overseas from Australia, how to tackle the moving process, and much more.

Let’s get started.

How to Move Overseas from Australia

1. Decide Where You’re Going to Live

Before you go anywhere, you need to decide where your new home will be. Whether it’s England, America, or somewhere exotic in Asia, you need to understand everything about your new destination.

It’s important to know the political environment as well as the cultural and economic values that can benefit you. Considering your new home will be, well, new, you’ll have to do some research to understand the local laws and determine if you can become a permanent resident.

If you’re only moving overseas for under a year, you should be able to easily file paperwork in most countries that have friendly relations with Australia. Some places in Europe only allow you to stay for three months, so you’ll need to file an extension on your visa to live there longer.

You can also decide to apply for permanent residency, which varies from place to place. It might make sense to hire a local expat expert who can help you file the paperwork and guide you through the process.

2. Ensure Your New Job is Legit

How To Move Overseas From Australia

While it is rare, some job offers turn out to be bait-and-switch scams. It’s vital that you have some spare cash available for your move in case things take an unexpected turn. A few months’ savings in the bank is recommended to give you some leeway and breathing room when moving to your new destination.

Have a lawyer review your contract to ensure its legitimacy. Research the country online to see if they’ve had any issues with retracting offers at the last minute. If you’re moving for a job you already have, then you can skip this step.

3. Find Your New Home

It’s not recommended to rent a place without seeing it first. If you cannot visit beforehand to ensure your new home is as pictured, then you can ask a friend who lives in your new city to visit for you.

The best approach is to visit in advance, if possible, to look at a few places before deciding where you’re going to stay. If you have all of your belongings with you on your move, you might feel pressured into a sub-optimal living arrangement and end up regretting it.

You can always book a short-stay apartment for a few months while you figure out your permanent living arrangements. It’s a good idea to make your move as stress-free as possible because adjusting to a new city requires a lot of learning, which can be mentally taxing.

Check out to find your next property. You can add your interested areas to your profile and get sent available listings when they come onto the market.

4. Pack Up Your Belongings

Once you’ve determined the city and place you’re going to stay, you can start packing. Now’s the time to decide if you’re moving your stuff or selling it and buying new furniture.

Shipping items from Australia can be expensive, and moving furniture halfway around the world might not be feasible or economical. It might be better to sell your furniture beforehand and buy new items upon arrival. This approach can reduce the stress of the move.

If you do want to go with a moving company, consider one like “Three Movers” who can help pack, ship, and unload your furniture upon arrival. You can also opt to keep your furniture in storage if you need time to find a place to rent, easing the moving process.

5. Enjoy Your New Home

How To Move Overseas From Australia

Last but not least, once you’ve moved out of Australia, you’ll be in a new place. Maybe there’s a new language to learn or places to explore. Ensure you take some time to understand the local culture and introduce yourself to your neighbors.

If you’re interested, sign up for hobby classes or join a yoga studio to start making new friends. Moving can be lonely, but it’s up to you to make your new residence feel like home.


Embarking on the journey of relocating overseas from Australia is undeniably a significant step, filled with challenges, adventures, and countless decisions. From choosing your future residence and verifying job authenticity to settling into your new home, every step requires careful consideration and planning.

With thorough research and possibly expert advice, you can navigate the intricacies of legalities and cultural nuances to make the transition smoother. The potential costs and practicalities of moving belongings internationally, coupled with the emotional challenges of such a significant change, are crucial aspects to consider.

But amidst all these logistical concerns, the most profound part of this adventure lies in embracing the new culture, community, and experiences that come with living in a different part of the world. With the right mindset and preparation, moving overseas can transform from a daunting task into an exhilarating journey, opening doors to a world of new opportunities, relationships, and personal growth.

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