How Many Schools Are in Perth?

January 10, 2023

Key takeaways:

  • Perth has hundreds (800+) of schools not only for education but to improve autistic emotional, behavioural, and intellectual disabilities as well. 
  • You can visit a school nearby or give them a call to learn more about them.
  • You also have the option to choose between high-quality government and private schools, with apartments nearby for easier living.

If you are moving to Perth and thinking about how many schools are in Perth, we are here to answer this.

Western Australia is famous for providing high-quality education to children and young people. They keep building new western Australian schools as the population grows, so no kid should be left out from getting the best education.

They keep state-of-the-art facilities in those schools so children can learn from the best teachers in the best environment.

East Perth has 800 schools, including comprehensive, selective, and education support schools. One of their most famous schools is Perth Modern School, with a Median ATAR of 97.5.

How many government schools are in Perth?

Among the 800 schools, the government owns up to 448 schools in Perth, providing almost free education to everyone. The best part is that these public schools are open to domestic and international students.

The state guarantees a place for every child from pre-primary to year 12 in their local public school. Many public schools have limited slots at kindergarten, but you can apply to find out. Also, you may need to look for rentals in Perth with a school nearby.

Every child of age is mandatory to apply for school and attend school up to 16 years of age. Once they turn 17, they need to enrol in a training organisation, get a part-time job or join a combination of school/training/employment.

How many independent schools are in Perth?

How Many Schools Are in Perth?

There are a total of 111 independent schools in Perth, Australia. Each school has its legal status and a separate constitution. Every school must run under an organisation that looks after its matters. However, some schools can be part of a small system within the sector.

Every independent school must be registered with the Minister of Education, providing a constitution to show its roles and responsibilities. The school is also responsible for providing a strategic plan showing how it can be a good option for kids. Co-renting in Perth also makes you eligible to join these schools.

How Many Schools Are in Perth?

How many catholic schools are in Perth?

A total of 106 catholic schools are active and providing their services in Perth. All families enrolling in these schools, even the brethren catholic families, get a discount. Despite being catholic schools, every sector can enrol their children, but catholic families get a cut from the fees.

How many primary schools are in Perth?

Perth has 461 primary schools, and every child of age must enrol in these schools. Parents can visit any school near their house and see if the environment suits their child. There are no restrictions on whether a kid can join an independent, catholic, or public school as long as they are in one once they reach four years of age.

If they join a catholic school, they’ll learn when to visit the Christ church or the uniting church and what to do there from a young age.

How many secondary schools are in Perth?

You can find 108 secondary schools in Perth, ready to enrol anyone willing to join them. These are both public and private schools, so you must be sure of what you want for the child before sending them to secondary school.

Some of them won’t offer a training program, while others give a training program and allow their students to engage in part-time jobs to provide value to society. The religious affiliation might not work if you are a catholic looking to join a non-Catholic school.

Do all schools in Perth have co-education?

How Many Schools Are in Perth?

Perth has 15 girls’ and seven boys’ schools and more than 650 coed schools. So, if you don’t want your kid to interact with other genders at a young age, you can opt for a gender-exclusive school. However, once they pass the age of 17, every school they join will be coed.

Where to find contact details of schools in Perth?

Every school has a website to share its details with visitors. If you can’t find online details about a school, your local phone book must have their number. It is better to call them to get some details about the fee structure before visiting them.

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