2022 Guide: How to Write a Cover Letter for a Rental Application

April 11, 2022
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Securing a rental property looks tougher in 2022. In some regions of Australia, vacancy rates were said to have fallen to 1.2%. So, if you’re now on the hunt for a house or an apartment for rent, a winning cover letter for a rental application is a must. 

Merely submitting a rental application form will not be enough. You have to support it and write a convincing rental application cover letter. 

There are many templates for a rental cover letter that seek to stand out amongst other prospective tenants. But other rental applicants will also be using those templates for sure.

A different mindset in writing your cover letter for a rental application just might give you the edge. At the outset, don’t rely on templates but write your original rental cover letter thinking as if it’s a job application. 

Create a good first impression

As in applying for a job, first impressions count. Put your best foot forward even when filling up an online rental application such as a 1form. This you can do when answering a “why is this property right for you” example question. 

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Always highlight that you’re a perfect match with the rental property also in the other vital information that has to be included a cover letter for the rental application. 

You can emphasise this in your work background. For example, you can cite the proximity of the rental to your place of employment or its commuting advantage.

Seek similar approaches in your cover letter for rental application related to these standard information in rental application forms:  

  • Personal background, including hobbies, club affiliations
  • Rental history and your reason for moving
  • Housemates and their ages, an important input if you have children
  • Pets (if any) and their description

CoverRentalLetterLead—More than ever, a cover letter for rental application will be crucial in securing that key from a landlord or property manager.

Personalise your rental application cover letter

In other words, it would be to your advantage over other rental applicants if you go beyond the standard details in your rental application cover letter. 

Including your photo in your cover letter for rental application, for instance, will enable the landlord or property manager to put a face on your wish to live in the property.

Adding group pictures of the other members of your household may also help in this regard.

Just like in a job application cover letter, it may be useful to add web links to your rental cover letter application. You will have to limit those links to not more than two or three.

The links that you may add should be those that will help the landlord or property manager decide that you’re a good fit for the property.

Consider, for instance, adding the web link of the company you’re working for. Providing access to your LinkedIn profile can also project how stable your current employment or career is. 

Be extra helpful to the landlord or rental agency

Besides injecting personality to your rental cover application letter, you can go the extra mile too in being helpful to the landlord by indicating how long you expect to stay in the property.

In your rental cover letter application, make sure to indicate if your stay is short-term or long-term, and if possible, cite a specific time frame.

Providing this information in your rental cover letter might give you an edge over the other rent applicants. The specific time frame you provide will enable a landlord to better plan or manage tenancy in the property.

Harmonise the letter with the application form 

In writing the rental cover letter, be sure that its contents match those in the rental application form you filed with the landlord or rental agency. You have to be very careful as well in filling up the application form at the outset.

Accomplish a winning rental application form just as you would in writing a cover rental application letter.

Be careful with your spelling, as misspelled words could lead to confusion in your cover letter rental application.

Consistency is the key here, especially if you have manually filled up a hard-copy rental form. Make sure your handwriting is readable.

Filling up the rental form quickly and submitting it promptly can also be an advantage over other prospective tenants. Submit the rental application form at once even if you are considering other rental properties or unsure of the rental property approval.

What’s important is you’ve thrown your hat into the ring and let the rental agency or landlord know you’re interested.

Make sure that your cover letter for rental application is consistent with the form you submitted to the property manager.

Documentation requirement assurance

In the rental cover letter, you can likewise reiterate your compliance with the submission of documents required in the rental application. Inform the landlord of a document that you may be lacking. Assure that its paperwork is in process and give the date when you expect to submit it.

Generally, these required rental application documents would include the following:

Identification. This typically requires submitting a copy of government-issued IDs, such as a driver’s license or passport. The rental application form’s instructions will specify which ID or IDs are required. 

Rental history. This can be a copy of a previous rental agreement or proof of rental payments you’ve made previously.

Previous bills. Copies of your past utility bills paid.

Payslips or bank statements. These documents are needed as your proof of income. 

References. Usually, these are professional references, and the stronger ones you should get are the real estate agents or property managers whom you’ve worked with in your previous rentals.

Be honest and upfront in your cover letter

The way to the right rental property just right for you can be unlocked with a well-written cover letter for rental application.

Speak from the heart and be forthright in your rental cover letter application. Indicate that you are willing to discuss and resolve any potential stumbling block that the landlord or property manager may cite.

Ensure that you’re laying your cards on the table and not hiding anything.

Express your willingness, for example, to bring along your housemates during the rental property inspection. If you have initially made contact with the property manager or landlord, thank them for accepting your rental application and follow it up without sounding pushy or impatient.

Just reiterate your interest and emphasise why this property is right for you.

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