How To Have a Good Relationship With Your Clients

May 24, 2018

Real estate is all about building and maintaining relationships so it’s crucial that you foster positive connections with your clients. It can help you expand your portfolio and enhance your professional reputation.

Meet face to face on a regular basis

While emails and phone calls suffice for certain situations, there really is no substitute for meeting with your clients face to face.

Meeting clients in person provides the opportunity to discuss any concerns about the property or tenants as well as to reassure vendors and landlords that their home is in good hands.

If your clients live locally, try to organise a bi-monthly or quarterly meeting to update them on any issues or repairs required and to inform them of any upcoming inspections.

Taking the time to meet with clients will demonstrate your organisational skills, professionalism and exceptional work ethic, all while ensuring communication remains open and transparent.  

Keep clients in the loop

Communication is the cornerstone of any good client-agent relationship. Different clients will prefer different methods of communication depending on their age and circumstances so it’s important to adapt to best suit their needs. The best way to determine their preferred communication method is to simply ask them.

For clients who like to be frequently updated, send a weekly email informing them of any progress, questions or concerns. This can be as brief or as in-depth as needed. To keep it simple, send the email at the same time on the same day each week.

If the client prefers phone calls or texts, adapt the information to best suit that communication channel. Texting your clients can be a great communication tool as it is a quick and easy way of instantly sending brief updates when you’re on the go.

For property managers, you may think a landlord doesn’t want to know when an electrician has replaced a light bulb or when a tenant requests to hang a picture on the wall but in most cases, they’ll appreciate the heads up.

Whether you’re an agent or a property manager, altering your method and style of communication and keeping clients in the loop will show them that you’re an informed professional who values their business and wishes to continue the relationship.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Agents are expected to be experts in the real estate industry so ensure you’re across any property news or recent legislation changes.

Set aside some time each morning to read through market updates and identify new trends. This information can prove helpful in a number of ways, from answering inquisitive questions from clients to future-proofing your agency in a difficult market.  

Be contactable

Agents can quickly find themselves run off their feet managing multiple property sales and relationships with vendors. It can be easy enough to fall into the habit of switching your phone to silent and ignoring calls at busy times.

If a client is trying to contact you and repeatedly can’t get through, they will start to lose trust in your ability to competently manage their property. Ensure you’re available to chat to your client, even if it’s a five-minute call to answer a question or to let them know you’ll contact them once you’re back in the office.

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