Dealing With Agents: What They Really Mean When They Say…

February 7, 2023
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If you are searching for a property, chances are Saturday mornings aren’t the relaxing start to the weekend as they are for everyone else.

No, you’ve got to do your search, viewing and auctions today… again.

You get up and prepare yourself to face all those agents in expensive suits who seem to be at every auction blocking you from buying any and every house!

And throughout this searching journey, you’ve heard every line in the book.

But what do they actually mean? We decipher the most overused and misunderstood lines, so you can be better prepared at the next open you attend.

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“Well sought after area”

dealing with agents

This is another way of saying that this is a desirable area worth paying a fortune for.

It’s called well sought after for a reason – because lots of people want a property there!

“Calm and tranquil area”

Basically, this area is virtually in the middle of nowhere. You’ll have to travel ages to get to the shops.

A calm a tranquil area might appeal to you more if you are in your retirement.

“Lots of off-street parking”

Maybe, if you own a smart car! Measure this space because their ‘lots’ and your ‘lots’ are likely two very different things!

This will impact you significantly if you own a bigger car. So measure, and measure again to avoid carrying your groceries the four blocks home from where you could actually get a park.

“It’s close to transport”

dealing with agents

Often said because the commuting is such a nightmare.

But consider if ‘close’ actually means that your house shakes under the flight path with every plane take off or your windows rattle when a train goes by.

The price guides

If you’ve been alive for more than ten minutes, you’ll have learnt the underquoting phenomenon is still very alive today!

Expect to add an extra 10 per cent from the highest number that’s been provided.

“Lots of potential”

Don’t get caught up in your promises of the future – you’ll need lots of cash to fix this place up… not to mention the time it takes and the heartache along the way.

“Renovator’s dream”

Think funky smelling, dusty, green carpet. Think different wall paper in each room.

Think wild animals and a jungle for a garden!

“Perfect for first time buyers”

dealing with agents

This might sound desirable but it really means that only a junior, rookie buyer would purchase this home.

“Subject to council approval”

If you are serious about doing a renovation, do your homework.

Agents may use this phrase sporadically in the marketing campaign without actually knowing what is possible.

“Recently renovated”

This might mean a cheap renovation for a quick turnover.

Always look beyond the freshly painted walls and sparkling floors to the deeper quality of the property.

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