Build A New Home in Brisbane

July 25, 2022
Build A New Home in Brisbane

With its stable climate and proximity to the Gold Coast, Brisbane is one of Australia’s most popular cities. When you look at the numbers, you will see that Brisbane has almost doubled in population since 1990. This has led to a boom in the real estate market which has been red hot in recent years. 

The rising real estate prices have led many Australians to forego purchasing a property for sale in Brisbane and build their own new home instead, rather than overspending on an old property needing a lot of work. These new homes can often cost the same as, or less than, an existing property and come with all the benefits of brand-new construction with the latest, and energy-efficient insulation. You can also find fantastic investment properties in Brisbane. Lets examine a few strategies for building your new home within the best suburbs in Brisbane:

Buy From New Subdivision Pre-Plans

Long before a new subdivision goes up in a previously vacant area, signs will start popping up offering spots for sale in the clean slate neighbourhood. There are a lot of pros to grabbing a lot in a new subdivision–for early buyers, this is a fantastic opportunity to snap up one of the prime lots available that backs up into a forest or a lovely creek, or perhaps they’d like less traffic, so they choose a cul-de-sac lot.

Established home builders and developers will often have a set of pre-planned homes available for purchase. While this may sound less than ideal if you want something unique, the homebuilders will typically offer you stacks of catalogues with every possible option for cabinetry, countertops, and everything from Spanish tiles to oak hardwood floors.

This way, you can build a home that is as unique as your personality, along with the peace of mind knowing that the design is tried and tested. 

Buy Your Own Lot and Customise

Build A New Home in Brisbane

Either as part of a newer subdivision area or as a single offering in an existing neighbourhood, an empty lot will occasionally become available for purchase. Depending on the area in which you purchase the lot, there may be restrictions on building style and height–so you need to choose wisely. However, once you have your empty lot, the possibilities are endless. 

The first step is to find either a qualified home builder who has some basic plans they can offer to customise for you, or to find an architect that specialises in residential homes. The architect route is far more expensive; however, this option comes with the benefit of 100% top-to-bottom customization. Once your design is chosen, your qualified home builder can begin constructing the home of your dreams.

Advantages of Newly-Built Homes

Build A New Home in Brisbane

Energy efficiency is definitely going to be on the top of the list of advantages. With your new home built as per the latest building codes, you’ll be saving a fortune on energy costs compared to your friends who live in an older neighbourhood from the 1920s.

The lack of maintenance required by a newly-built home is another excellent advantage–one of the biggest nightmares for a homeowner is needing to replace a roof or floors that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

This is never an issue with newly-built homes, so your home will remain maintenance free for many years to come, giving you time to save money and plan more efficiently for the day your house needs any significant repairs and renovations. 

In Summary

Building a new home comes with several fantastic benefits. For those willing to accept a slightly longer commute from the developing outer suburbs, a newly-built home can be a brilliant option. On the other hand, if you are one of the lucky ones who can find an empty lot in an established development or suburb, a brand-new home can quickly become the envy of the neighbourhood. 

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Let us Find your next Dream Home

Our AI will create a personalised list of property matches for you to rank from over 100,000 available listings