Brisbane Home Design Trends That Designers Are Loving

November 17, 2022
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There is no better time than before the new year to start looking at fun Brisbane home design trends to spruce up your space.

But firstly, it is critical to draw out a plan of what you want before beginning a renovation project.

Certain unique designs, styles and touches are popular in Brisbane, which you’ll see through colour schemes and furniture

When you’re decorating, don’t overlook the small details, such as light fixtures and door handles, which can make a big difference. 

Let’s look at some popular Brisbane home design trends you can draw inspiration from. 

Best design ideas for renovating your Brisbane home

When you look at the properties for sale in Brisbane, you’ll see several design ideas you can choose from. Here are some popular designs right now.

1. Minimalism 

Image credit: Dezeen

Most people living in Brisbane are familiar with the concept of minimalism. 

This concept ranges from art and lifestyle to your space’s interior and exterior design.

Minimalistic design is all about functionality and simplicity. The idea is to declutter your space and only keep what is necessary. 

If you want a low-maintenance home, this can be a great option. This concept can also make your space appear larger and more spacious

Its clean lines and monochromatic palette can mostly distinguish this concept, and some accents of colour variants touch. 

It typically combines an open floor plan, different lighting options and furniture, focusing on the colours, shapes, and texture of a few key elements.

2. Bohemian chic

Image credit: Hommes Studio

Mirroring the laid back, carefree vibe that Brisbane offers, the bohemian chic aesthetic might never go out of style.

This Brisbane design trend is all about loose layering and textured fabrics. It pulls an array of colours and patterns that come together as one cohesive whole. It gives off a relaxed, coastal energy that give you a warm invite into the space.

Unlike other styles and trends, bohemian chic doesn’t really have rules. It’s about incorporating nature, like indoor plants, into the area. But also a palette derived from nature, full of deep oranges reminiscent of sunsets, blues of the ocean and reds from autumn leaves.

3. Industrial style

Image credit: Decorilla

The industrial home design style embraces exposed architectural materials such as pipes, brick, and concrete, as well as a minimalist design idea. 

It is inspired by repurposed factories from the Industrial Revolution. Industrial styling involves special lighting like the Edison light bulbs, open floor plans, and a neutral colour palette are also features of the interior design style.

While this design is based on an open space idea, minimalist, it also combines various rustic materials in furniture and lighting accents, allowing homeowners to incorporate industrial interior design into any living space. 

This ideal is for those who want a home with a distinct and edgy appearance.

4. Mid-century modern 

Image credit: My Domaine

This style is influenced by 1950s design, and the type is ideal for those who prefer a clean and minimalistic appearance. 

Mid-century modern incorporates modern furniture with accessories and homeware that can add much personality to your home. 

The key is understanding the nuances and feel of that era and bringing that essence into décor. 

While classic pieces from that era are constantly being revived and copied, there is still the possibility of obtaining a few that would blend seamlessly with our tastes and fit on a tight budget.

If you can get your hands on one signature epoch piece, you can build the room’s theme around it without spending much. 

However, avoiding too many colour or pattern clashes is important as sticking to the central theme. 

5. Scandinavian design 

Image credit: In Design Live

Scandinavian design is distinguished by a minimalist, clean aesthetic that combines functionality and beauty. 

Its emphasis is on clean lines and light spaces free of clutter. These principles apply to all aspects of design, from architecture to electronics. 

They are commonly applied to interior design, which includes textiles, furniture and lighting. 

Scandinavian design tiles away the unnecessary and highlight the Scandinavian feel. 

The colours are primarily neutral and monochromatic – light, white and accents colour. 

This clean, warm theme, combined with the calming nature of an ample, light-filled space devoid of clutter, is one of the reasons Scandinavian design is so popular. 

The Scandinavian architecture uses light and natural materials and integrates with nature, in addition to its beautiful and unique overview. 

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