Becoming A Property Investor: Simple Steps To Long-Term Success

March 10, 2020

The property market in 2020 is a popular topic amongst investors in Australia. With the interest cuts announced for the new year and the economy porous, there is no better time to seize the opportunity and make a property investment.

The property markets of the major capital cities of Australia are still competitive moving past the first quarter of the new year, and the economies in these cities have been impacted by the economic downturn.

With the recovery from the Australian bushfires well in place, regional areas are now starting to gain traction in the Australian property market again. Areas such as Geelong, Newcastle and Wollongong have seen its popularity growing.

These regions have continued growth due to its high presence of amenities and proximity to major cities. This is reflected by the increase in annual growth of the property in these regions, and one such example is that of the Illawarra region in NSW, whereby there was an increase by 9.8% in the sales volume of houses in Jan 2020.

Regional cities are desired by many. They offer a higher quality of life due to its spaciousness and provides dwellers with a lot of nature to enjoy!

The city of Newcastle has become a popular one in NSW. To begin with, NSW is a popular state, and its regional cities are highly sought after by property investors. But what sets Newcastle apart from its counterpart regional cities such as Wollongong and Lismore is its huge variety of affordable and liveable suburbs surrounded by high-performing schools and proximity to cafes, transport and great beaches.

Maryville, Islington and Wickham are top suburbs in the area, making them ideal options for first-time homeowners (FHO) and property investors. Here’s more information on what makes each of these suburbs so desirable as an investment property:


Not only is Maryville affordable for property investors, but it is also recommended for families with children as this suburb faces one of the lowest rates of crime in New South Wales. It also has highly-ranked schools, making it perfect for families with children. Surrounded by Throsby Creek, it makes it a perfect suburb for those who enjoy nature and aquatic views. With top companies such as Holden, Dutch Engineering and Mazda having an office there, it enhances the commercial and economic prospects in the area, thereby attracting more dwellers to live there. Investing in a property in Maryville is an ideal decision for those looking to include a long-term popular property into their property portfolio.

maryville suburb


Adjacent to Maryville, Islington shares much commonalities with it, from its natural greenery and aquatic sights to having offices from top companies. Only just 3km west of Newcastle, Islington is known as the city’s restaurant precinct and antique district since it was established in the 1870s.

Being in the heart of the Hunter region, Islington is a desirable place to own a property at as it provides easy access to Sydney, is central Newcastle CBD as well-being evidenced by its steady trend of positive growth over the past five years with an average annual growth of around 9.69%.

Islington is also a guaranteed-hot property area for investors looking for an investment that will grow in its net worth.


Wickham is dotted with beautiful suburban terrace houses on its streets, making the dream of owning a white picket fence house come true! Conveniently located adjacent to the Pacific Highway and Newcastle interchange station, Wickham is a great suburb to own a property in. It possesses the similar traits to Islington and Maryville in terms of nature and the quality of amenities available.

Wickham is recommended for property investors looking for a popular suburb to invest in with strong forecasted growth! With the Wickham Master plan being coordinated by Newcastle City Council and strong investor interest and new developments Wickham is a sure area to consider buying in.

wickham suburb

The properties available in these suburbs are coveted and as a prospective property investor or a FHO, it is good to understand the area, do your own research and get ahead in the game! What can help you better secure a desired property in a Newcastle suburb of your choice is to engage a buyers’ agent.

A buyers’ agent represents your interests in the property market and sources exclusive deals for you.

Here at, C&M Property Partners, we are professionals in the field with over 20 years’ of experience buying property. Contact us for the best advice on investing in a property in Maryville, Islington or Wickham. Our team of dedicated professionals are always here to help!

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